Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I schedule a tour of The Stables, The Cabin or Mane Event Center?

We would love to schedule a tour to show you the location of your choice. Feel free to call us at 859-630-1053 or email us at stablesentwined@gmail.com to schedule a day and time.

Do you provide a wedding coordinator?

No but we do suggest to create a stress free wedding day that you include in your wedding rental a minimum 15 hours with a professional certified wedding planner. Specifically, a one hour planning meeting a month before your wedding and a one hour rehearsal during the week prior to your wedding. Finally, you will receive 14 hours of services on the day of your wedding. A wedding rental is for 14 hours, from 9am to 11pm. Contact Events to a T, Tammy Viox (859) 620-5489    eventstoat@yahool.com

Will someone from your staff oversee our non-wedding event?

Yes, a coordinator will be on hand during your contracted hours. Therefore, they will adjust the lighting, and aid in any issues that may arise to help make your event special.

What is the barn capacity and do you provide tables and chairs?

Our seating capacity is 160 or 260 with additional tent rental and this is a list of the tables we provide…

10-5′ round tables-Used for guests (seating 8-10)
2-8′ banquet tables-Used for buffet, bridal table, guests, DJ, gifts, bar, appetizers, etc.
6-6′ banquet tables-Used for buffet, bridal table, guests, DJ, gifts, bar, appetizers, etc.

The Stables will have the tables and chairs set per your request when you arrive for your event. As a result, you will have plenty of time to place your linens and decorate.

Am I allowed to cater my own event or must I use your preferred caterers?

Yes, we can recommend caterers who do an excellent job with service, presentation, and quality of food. But, you may also select caterers and vendors of your choice that best fit your needs, or bring your own.

Does the Reception Barn have A/C or heat?

No, we are considered an outdoor venue site

Is alcohol allowed and can we have a cash bar?

You are welcome to have alcohol at your event, however you must have a bartender to serve it. You may purchased the alcohol and bartender from your caterer or provide your own. If the bartender or catering service does not carry a liquor liability coverage, we can help to arrange to have a one day policy. This is approximately an additional $220 but the savings is still in the thousands to provide your own bar supplies.

Can we leave cars overnight?

Yes, you can leave cars overnight, however, The Stables is not responsible for the security of the cars. In addition, we ask for cars to be retrieved by 11:00am the next morning.

Can we leave things for our vendors to be picked up later?

You may leave certain items to be picked up by your vendors. But, ONLY if prearranged by the Coordinator. We can go over these details and schedule pick up times during your floor planning meeting. This meeting will take place prior to your event.

Is smoking allowed?

The Stables is a smoke-free venue. However, designated smoking areas are provided outdoors.

What happens if it rains?

If it rains and you have planned on an outdoor ceremony or activities, you will make use of the indoor Reception Barn that you have rented. You may also move activities to the patio area of the barn or plan ahead to rent a tent. Rain or shine we will do our very best to help make your special event wonderful!

If we want to rent a tent of inflatables, is this allowed?

Yes, providing you schedule this with the Coordinator. If you rent a tent, you will be required to rent all tables and chairs to be placed under it, as ours are not to be used on the lawn. Inflatables and other party equipment are permitted providing they will do no damage to the lawn.

Reception Barn?

The Stables delights in welcoming you and your guests to our unique farm and Reception Barn. Are you planning your romantic wedding? Searching for a unique corporate event, fundraiser, graduation party or family celebration? We are always here for you, ultimately striving to make your special event perfect. Our farm has 4 beautiful acres with multiple sites available for celebrations. The Stables Entwined Event Venue is the perfect location to gather with loved ones, friends and co-workers.

We built our beautiful Reception Barn just for you. Natural wood post and beams create our unique romantic barn, which is both rustic and elegant. You will also find a catering prep kitchen, full amenity restrooms and bridal dressing room. Therefore, the barn has ample space for the guest tables and chairs, which we provide. Also included are buffet, cake, gift, sign-in and DJ tables. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for a dance floor and anything else you need. For more information please call 859-630-1053 or email stablesentwined@gmail.com.